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Dear Participant,

we are happy to announce that from today on all pre-recorded videos of 

are available online on the conference website.

Because these videos are only available to registered participants you need to login to the website first. Please use the following private link to get access:

[Link removed - please request your link here]
You are not allowed to share this link with other people. Access is limited to one device at a time!

In addition all abstracts are also available (to the public). More will follow in the next days like 

  • comprehensive book of abstracts, 
  • timetables for lecture/poster discussions
  • poster presentations
  • public voting for awards

If you have questions or have problems to login or access the videos please do not hesitate to contact us by email, just reply to this email. But please be informed that this thursday is a public holiday in Austria, so please forgive if our answers is a little late ...

 Heinz A. Krebs
 Organizing Committee VESPS2021