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Dear Participant,

we would like to share some information about how our virtual conference will take place:

The whole conference will take place using Zoom as video conferencing system, so please be prepared with an updated zoom-client. There will be one zoom-room set up all over the time for general announcements and plenary and board lectures. 

Invited lectures will be held parallel in 2 rooms, and discussions of lectures and posters in 7 parallel rooms. All rooms have different access links, which will be visible at the conference website (you need to login to view this page!)

We kindly ask to observe the following rules to guarantee a problem-free meeting: 

  • please enter the zoom-room before your session starts, even if there is another speaker scheduled before. 
  • note that you will be automatically muted to not disturb running sessions. So if you ask or answer questions don’t forget to unmute yourself!
  • enter the room using your full name! If we cannot find your name in the list of registered participants we might take the right to bann you from the zoom-meeting

In the Zoom-room there will be 1-2 chairpersons as well, who will guide you through the session. In addition technical staff will be available (they will be named "VESPS - XY", "VESPS - AB", etc) if you need to contact them by direct chat.

As a speaker you might get questions by the audience. Participants are requested to type their questions into the public chat and the chair will then choose 1 or 2 questions to be asked. So we suggest that speaker follow the public chat during the stream of their own presentation.

The 7 parallel sessions on Wednesday afternoon (2-4 pm CET) for the regular lectures and poster presentations are designed as group discussions of 4-6 persons. Therefore, you could already watch their videos now. If you have a question, write the name of the person you like to ask in the chat and the chairman will offer you to unmute your microphone. The speakers have a possibility to share their slides to answer the questions, please make sure you have it available.

If you have questions or have problems to login or access the videos please do not hesitate to contact us by email, just reply to this email.

 Heinz A. Krebs
 Organizing Committee VESPS2021